The Bead Initiative – A Bright Idea!

Kids Non-Profit Organization exists to reduce the number of deaths and injuries in traffic. We accomplish this through education using smart and effective actions in collaboration with local partners.

  • Traffic accidents kill more children aged 5 to 14 than malaria, tuberculosis and HIV combined.
  • 90% of these deaths and injuries occur in developing countries.
  • For every child below 15 years of age killed in traffic, another four children are permanently disabled and over 250 need hospital treatment.
  • The direct cost of $65 billion each year is more than all international foreign aid put together.

Our first project is The Bead Initiative. In 2014 Kids Non-Profit Organization began distributing millions of reflective beads for free in developing countries to children and youth.  This is coupled with practical safety education. We have started in Malawi, the third worst country in the world as far as road deaths are concerned.

Kids Non-Profit Organization will reach its objectives by associating with global enterprises willing to engage in corporate social responsibility by taking accountability for their impact on society. Our partners' philanthropic initiatives will benefit employees, customers and the community at large.


Kids Non-Profit Organization is dedicated to promoting a simple, low-cost road safety program, reducing child fatalities and injuries from road accidents in developing countries.  

Each child makes bracelets or decorations with the beads for themselves and family members.  They also learn about simple road safety ideas.  If children wear reflective beads in the evening, they will be seen five times further away than without, giving drivers crucial time to stop or swerve around.


Scientists often refer to a young child's 'egocentric perspective': I can see the car so the car must be able to see me! And if I can run quickly and stop all of a sudden, the bus over there will definitely be able to do that too

A child of 6 or 7 does not understand braking distances, the dead blind spot, and the simple fact that the driver has a different perspective. 

8 year olds leave this egocentric perspective behind them; this is an important prerequisite for using the road on one's own.

Up to the age of 9, a child's visual field is up to 30% less than an adult's. This means they do not notice a car coming from the side until it is much closer.



To reach the children, we give out colorful beads made from highly reflective material that can be made into bracelets. We receive the full attention of the children when mixing theoretical education with practical handiwork. Our target group is schoolchildren aged 5-18, and we do everything in collaboration with the local teachers and school administration.

To reach these children, Kids Non-Profit Organization visits:

  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Hospitals and health centers
  • Churches, missions and mosques

We are passionate about making the road a safer place.

The reflector is a Finnish creation, invented by a farmer Mr. Arvi Lehti from Pertteli, a small township in Western Finland. The inventor did not consider pedestrian safety when creating the first reflectors: he simply wished to protect his horse carts and carriages. Reflectors were introduced to Finns in 1960.


The KNPO reflectors are not a toys. It is not intended for babies and children under the age of three (3 years old).

KNPO reflective beads or reflectors are no substitute for regular road safety habits. KNPO reflective beads increase visibility in low visibility conditions, but the use of one or more reflective beads or reflectors does not offer complete protection against potential accidents. lways use the KNPO reflective beads or reflectors properly to provide maximum visibility.