Child Nutrition Program


A simple and effective school feeding programme help keep children in school

and improve their learning while create markets for food farmers


How to get all children to go to school

Kids Non-Profit Organization recently started a nutrition program in collaboration with Matunkhawhere $25 per year and child, feed the younger Malawian children. The children have one meal per day in some of the poorest schools, in the Rumphi District, in the northern part of Malawi. 

children become better students

Kids with an empty stomachs become easily distracted and have problems concentrating on their schoolwork. They become better students when their bodies are well nourished and healthy. The incentive of getting a meal also reduces absenteeism. Most significantly, performance improves and drop-out rates decrease.

Supporting local farmers

KNPO's locally grown school feeding programme, insists on buying from local farmers the fruit, rice, beans, wheat, dairy and other ingredients used to prepare the food children are given in schools. It therefore reduces malnutrition while providing local farmers with the opportunity to sell their produce to participating schools.

simple, effective and environmentally sustainable

Poor nutrition is a big problem in Malawi, providing a meal at school is a simple but concrete way to give poor children a chance to learn and to find a job later in life. KNPO solutions are global, simple, effective, environmentally sustainable and non-disruptive.


KNPO works in collaboration with communities, civil society and enterprises in order to find the right, long-term solutions for problems encountered. Our priority is to ensure a long term sponsorship from our financial partners in order to implement quality programs.

If you feel that your enterprise would like to support KNPO's nutrition program, please feel free to contact us.