KNPO has an open but structural approach, aimed to support efforts for democracy and good governance, transparency and the fight against bribery and corruption. As a consequence, KNPO will fight internal and external corruption.

Therefore KNPO and its employees will follow the "Good Practice Guidance" adopted by the OECD Council as an integral part of KNPO contracts and employment agreements. 

KNPO's whistleblower form

Anybody can file an observed or suspected corruption related to KNPO. All complains will be sent to the Board of KNPO and our auditors at Grant Thornton. The Board of KNPO will get back to the observer before any action will be taken.

Any KNPO team member, company or agency related to KNPO who has misbehaved, been seen taken a bribe, etc.
Name of the suspected
Name of the suspected
Name of the company or person you seen involved in a corruption related to KNPO.
Information about you
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Use an alias if you desire to stay anonymous.