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The telecom sector has maintained a commitment to sustainability-related issues. Therefore we believe Kids Non-Profit Organization's (KNPO) program of children's road safety will fit the mobile operator's global marketing and CSR engagement.

Children do not possess the same abilities as adults to judge distances, speed and direction of vehicles, making it imperative to build and reinforce road safety practices. Most accidents occur during the evening or dark hours.

By using existing SIM cards we recycle plastic into safety reflectors and save lives

The concept is simple – If the SIM card producers manufacture reflective SIM cards - then instead of just disposing of the credit card-sized plastic when the small SIM card portion has been removed, we propose to use the card as a simple and efficient reflector for increasing road safety, especially in developing countries.

By using safety reflectors while walking or jogging in the evening, drivers are able to see pedestrians on the road at five times further away, giving drivers crucial time to stop or swerve.

If we teach them road safety and how to maneuver in the traffic while listening to music or playing a game, we ensure that more youth come home from school at the end of the day.

The telecom operators can produce SIM cards with their own reflective logotype or message. Or just promote 3rd parties for a specific time, taking part in a specific campaign, such as Spotify, delivering Spotify Premium when one signs up for a year's subscription with the operator. The possibilities of branding and co branding while recycling SIM cards into reflectors, saving pedestrians, are endless.

Multiple SIM ownership is common across all regions, with a global average of 1.6 SIM cards per unique subscriber. At the end of 2015, there was almost one SIM card for every person, with global connection penetration standing at 99%. Together we could save millions of young lives!

The SIM card as we know it may disappear and be replaced by “embedded SIM,” “eSIM” or “Virtual SIM” in the future.

The introduction of embedded SIM impacts the existing SIM ecosystem, as well as the supply chain. An embedded SIM could be an excellent solution for the IoT or M2M and opens up the opportunity for new actors and existing ones, but also a shift in the dynamic of the ecosystem.

By providing additional functionality like a safety reflector to the standard SIM cards, the mobile operators will maintain its relationship with the consumer, potentially changing it in unexpected ways that will deliver benefits to all involved.

Operators often flood the market with cheap or free SIM cards to capture new customers and win market share. So why don’t operators distribute safety reflectors with the possibility to call... There is an excellent opportunity of approaching the market with a new, funny but serious message, saving lives.

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