Energy conservation

Our ultimate goal is for our offices and employees to produce or offset as much energy as they consume, resulting in net zero energy usage. Most of us is working from home-offices and using videoconference communicating, as an effort to aim for a zero carbon footprint.

Waste reduction

By increasingly delivering our products through local distribution channels, we’re able to significantly reduce waste. We’re also striving to increase our ratio of environmentally friendly packaging materials. By replacing the plastic used in our packaging with recycled paper. Also all our products are produced in fully recyclable paper or PET 


We work with global third-party companies to print packaging, beads production, and assemble our products. Although we don’t own these operations, we have a tremendous opportunity to positively impact environmental sustainability efforts by encouraging other companies to reduce shipping materials, optimize transportation logistics, and comply with environmental regulations.


We're working to conserve natural resources by transporting and managing our transports with the environment top of mind. Transports from production sites to the schools and villages where we act are purchase from transporters with renewable energy and verifiable emission reductions.

Discharge of hazardous chemicals

Kids Non-Profit Organization follows the "Joint Roadmap" towards Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals. A group of major apparel and footwear brands and retailers made a shared commitment to help lead the industry towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals by 2020. As a part of the commitment and first steps towards ZDHC, the group of brands published a Joint Roadmap in November 2011. The document demonstrates the group’s collaborative efforts towards ZDHC for all products across all pathways.