Global action

The Rudholm Group could be active in the 20 countries where they have production and offices, by playing an active role promoting "a safe way to school" within the local community. This would be by raising children’s awareness of how to behave safely in traffic, through education and distribution of reflective beads by the Rudholm Group employees. Imagine getting tens of thousands of employees involved in promoting safety awareness sessions for children in their immediate environment, with the help of a specially developed KNPO training kit.

The Rudholm Group would promote road safety to worldwide leading brands by selling its new reflective collection. Once such sales begin, lets leverage it with the help of the UN, WHO and KNPO.


The Rudholm Group could finance a part of KNPO's bead production from their new reflective collection and promote the fact that a part of the profits go to a Non-Profit Organization.

Use of existing infrastructure and distribution

KNPO in collaboration with the Rudholm Group could store and distribute reflective beads to KNPO's NGO Partners. As a member of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, KNPO will reach out to the 140 NGO members working in road safety from more than 70 countries around the world, and Youth for Road Safety (YOURS) represents young road safety advocates in 85 countries, promoting its collaboration with the Rudholm Group .

Instagram competition and the social generation

One market which the Rudholm Group clients are probably targeting is the high school student segment. Currently, most students cycle, walk or use public transport to go to school, exposed to road fatalities and injuries. By developing a large scale global marketing initiative based on reflective bracelets produced with spare buttons or beads, the Rudholm Group can build a competitive advantage if customers see the social and ecological benefits.

This segment, the teen social generation, express their thoughts and emotions by tweeting, posting and sharing pictures. One idea could be to create an Instagram competition, where the Rudholm Group client tagging the most reflectors wins something cool and reflective from the client.

Industry related events

When the the Rudholm Group participate at different global industry events, you could have reflective bracelets made out of the Rudholm Group new collection as giveaways. Make your buttons into jewelry!

This is the difference the Rudholm Group could create with KNPO:

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