SIM cards into reflectors

Our proposal is to transform each new physical SIM card into a safety reflector, while providing road safety instruction. Each of Spotify's telco partners would produce SIM cards with a reflective Spotify logo on both sides. This at an extremely low cost, but with an enormous impact on road safety practices in Spotify's markets, such as Spotify Premium have with Telia, Vodafone and Verizon Wireless...

According to Daniel Ek, 80% of all Spotify subscribers now sign up through mobile phones.

Here are some examples where Spotify and KNPO can build a partnership for non-traditional marketing and promotion, saving children’s lives and recycling plastic.

Use of existing infrastructure and distribution

As a member of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, KNPO will reach out to the 140 NGO members working in road safety from more than 70 countries around the world, and Youth for Road Safety (YOURS) represents young road safety advocates in 85 countries, promoting “The SIM Initiative” in collaboration with Spotify and mobile telecom operators.

Instagram competition and the social generation

One market Spotify is probably targeting is the high school student segment. Currently, most students cycle, walk or use public transport to go to school, exposed to road fatalities and injuries. Also their cellular subscriptions are mostly prepaid and they regularly change subscriptions and consequently SIM card. By developing a large scale global marketing initiative based on SIM cards with Spotify reflectors, Spotify can build a competitive advantage if customers view the social and ecological benefits.

This segment the social generation, teens express their thoughts and emotions by tweeting, posting and sharing pictures. One idea could be to create an Instagram competition, where a Spotify user tagging the most Spotify reflectors wins free Spotify premium time. Also make unique Spotify beads at each event and let the users exchange and collect them, creating a hype.

Spotify related events

We understand that almost 70% of Spotify’s promotion in the USA is targeting concerts. Another promotion could be by distributing "give away packages" with reflective Spotify bracelet beads at these events as an add-on to the Instagram competition.

Smartphone Apps development

KNPO's BLINK App is an iOS and Android application that starts automatically as soon as you walk or run in the dark, and suddenly your phone is a road safety beacon during your evening walks. We developed an app for smartphones that uses the flash and screen of the smartphone to emit a flashing light on both sides of the phone, as a beacon in the dark.

These KNPO related functionalities could be co-branded or added to existing Spotify apps. Music and technology can connect people around the globe for a better world.

Reflective Spotify bracelet beads

Reflective Spotify bracelet beads



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