KNPO is transparent with its projects, accounting, suppliers and donations. However we respect donors who wish to remain discreet. We work for a better life for the kids of the world and believe that our mission is simple, effective and non-intrusive to the local businesses and the environment.

KNPO and its partners make sure that the aid is well on track and likely to reach its objectives. We gather data about the effectiveness and impacts of the evaluated interventions in order to help KNPO elaborate a results-based country strategy.

We provide information about results that KNPO and our partners may use in reporting to donors and the general public.


To become one of the best aid organizations in the Nordic region, we must have the trust of our donors and the community at large. The vision is "to be recognized as the most effective aid organization for children".


Reducing the number of dead and injured children in traffic by more than 20% each year in each country where KNPO operates.


Kids Non-Profit Organization (KNPO) is a Collection Trust engaged in relief work among the needy children and youth in Africa with road safety education, training teachers and providing free distribution of traffic safety equipment, to reduce deaths and injuries on the roads.


  • Promote road safety education for children and youth in Africa with the aim of reducing deaths and injuries of children in traffic.
  • Give grants for road safety education for children and youth living in poverty, in Africa. As well as training teachers in African schools and institutions about road safety.

KNPO works with children living in poverty in developing countries by equipping them with reflecting beads and giving them access to traffic education, thereby reducing deaths and injuries of children in traffic.

KNPO is a Swedish Trust registered at the Swedish Tax Authority and in progress at the Stiftelsen för Insamlingskontroll (SFI) who is a non-profit association managing the Swedish 90-accounts. KNPO is in process of registering with the Malawian Board and Section 20 of the Non-Government Organization Act.

KNPO promotes ethical and professional collection and focus on the efficient execution of its goals. Our accounting is official and published at our website with total access to all facts and figures.

Aid in Africa

The beads, string and wrapping are all produced by 3M’s partners in Asia. The shipments are carefully prepared to reduce problems that may cause delays or extra fees. Our partners make sure the items we are shipping match exactly the items we have listed, based on our KNPO App (under development) especially for monitoring our shippings and secure logistics from delay or theft.

Our aim is to provide the possibility to monitor ours shippings from the factory in Shenyang, Northeastern China to the school in Mzuzu, in northern Malawi right here on our website.

Aid in USA

In North America KNPO will use as a shipping & delivery partner to secure a proper distribution and collecting the funds via Amazon Payments.

To ease management of the Amazon channel as a whole, Channel Advisor’s Amazon 360 Seller Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of all Amazon sales and key metrics, merging essential information such as top-selling products, error listings, unshipped orders, performance metrics and more into one interface displayed at our website.

With as a partner we will use two complementary services:

Amazon Wish Lists can expand a nonprofit's potential donor pool to Amazon’s millions of customers and offer a great way to ensure that they receive the right number of the exact items needed. Customers use the lists to find out what organizations truly need, and buying and shipping the items is fast and easy. Additionally, donors know they can depend on our patented payment technology to make their transactions safe and secure.

Amazon Associates is Amazon's affiliate marketing program. As associates, organizations place links to Amazon products and services on their websites. For each purchase made through these links, the organization earns up to 15% in advertising fees from It's a great way for nonprofits to earn revenue without asking donors for direct contributions.