Interoute One Bridge - helping a bright idea light up the world

Interoute One Bridge takes one man’s vision around the globe be sponsoring KNPO. The KNPO Team spends hours every day using Interoute One Bridge with his partners around the world.  Having a collaboration tool at his fingertips has helped him to create a new kind of bead that is biodegradable as well as digestible, ensuring that as the Beads Initiative continues to grow, it also treads lightly on the planet.

2015 is an important year for KNPO. Children and road safety have been selected by UN (United Nations) as a key theme for Global Road Safety Week 2015 (4-10 May). The charity will support the campaign, launching its beads initiative in March 2015. KNPO aims to donate one billion reflective beads to the children of Malawi between the ages of 5 to 18.

The Management of Interoute encourage you as a customer to support and donate as Interoute did... Interoute support KNPO with a global communication solution, and a donation of 12000 beads, for the children KNPO is working with.

Interoute One Bridge makes collaboration easy, helping KNPO to communicate with volunteers and ethical production partners across the world on a daily basis. With unlimited video and audio conference bridges and Local Direct Dial numbers for reduced costs, it is accessible on any device, anywhere and with WebRTC capability.

Interoute One Bridge saves us money, which means we can produce more beads and, ultimately, save more lives.
— Richard Ahlström, Chairman of the Board and Founder of KNPO

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