INNOVATIVE solutions


The Rudholm Group maintain a commitment to sustainability-related issues and care about producing greener products.  This means thinking about the design, the manufacturing, the materials, the distribution and finally its recycling capabilities. Therefore we believe Kids Non-Profit Organization's (KNPO) program of children's road safety will fit The Rudholm Group's global marketing and CSR engagement.

Children do not possess the same abilities as adults to judge distances, speed and direction of vehicles, making it imperative to build and reinforce road safety practices. Most accidents occur during the evening or dark hours.

By producing reflective buttons, rivets, snaps, zippers and hang tags we can save lives. The concept is simple – instead of just manufacturing regular garment accessories for the fashion and schoolwear industry, the Rudholm Group could manufacture garment accessories as efficient reflectors for increasing road safety.

If children wear safety reflector-enabled outfits in the evening, they will be seen from five times further away than without, giving drivers crucial time to stop or swerve around.

The Rudholm Group could produce a new collection, a smarter one, and be ahead of its competition by selling hundreds of millions of reflective garments worldwide.

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