KNPO made a beautiful agreement

Mr. Niall Dorey headmaster and founder of BeeHive School in Mzuzu, Malawi will not only distribute KNPO Beads and the Road Safety program in his school, but also engage his students in distributing the KNPO bracelets to less privileged children living in the suburbs, not necessarily attending schools.

These less privileged children walk home with their mothers after the market close in the evenings. The roads are pitch black and heavily trafficked. The mothers, often carrying heavy loads on their heads, are not always able to hold the hands of their children, or to keep an eye on everything that goes on in traffic. With the help from Mr. Dorey we be able to reach these children and for that we are truly grateful!

HM Nieal.jpg

Mr. Niall Dorey, Headmaster and founder of BeeHive School

"KNPO fashion"

Yesterday, we visited Mzuzu Academy again for a follow-up. This time we noticed to our great pleasure how the bracelets have migrated from children to teenagers.

It seems that many children have made bracelet for friends and family as well. And of course they want the people they like the most to look really cool...


BeeHive School Project

Today we visited Niall Dorey who is running the BeeHive School Project in Mzuzu, Malawi. Founded by Niall in 2003, BeeHive has grown from eight pupils to 186 today. We spent the morning making bracelets and talking to the children about road safety. The kids loved it, especially that they can do their own combinations of beds.