Smartphones combined with vehicles are killing pedestrians

Smartphones are driving Americans to distraction and they probably are causing the deaths of thousands of pedestrians.

Ever sins Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007 the small digital screen has become a ubiquitous part of life. Today in America there are some 260m smartphones in use, one for every adult. But the omnipresence of the device appears to be behind a recent increase in pedestrian deaths on America’s roads.

In order to reduce the risk, we recommend pedestrians to use KNPO’s App during the evening.

By using the BLINK App the pedestrian's phone will become a beacon, allowing them to be seen from 5 times further away.


At first glance, Americans appear to be restrained when using their smartphone while driving. One survey conducted by the Department of Transport (DoT) reckons that around 5% of drivers used their mobile phones behind the wheel in 2017. DoT researchers arrive at this figure by observing drivers’ mobile-phone use in situ at randomly allocated stopping places. By contrast Zendrive, a startup, employs software that is able to remotely track drivers’ use of their mobile phones. Using data on 60bn journeys taken in 2018 Zendrive reckons that the true rate of smartphone use behind the wheel may be as high as 60%.