KNPO and the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety

The Fifth UN Global Road Safety Week finished yesterday but we continue to #SpeakUp loudly for road safety leadership. It is our role as NGOs, and we are persistent for change.

The demands you made during the UN Global Road Safety Week still matter and the commitments given by decision makers must be followed up. Without sustained attention, these commitments can become empty promises that do not lead to meaningful change.

The Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety (the Alliance) is launching #CommitToAct, a campaign to help you to continue pushing on your demands, generate local and national government commitments for road safety actions at policy, implementation, or enforcement level, and track and highlight these commitments.

KNPO and #CommitToAct will support civil society’s preparations for the Third Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Sweden in February 2020 and will culminate in a civil society summit and call to action in Sweden. Previous ministerial conferences have acted as catalysts for governments to take action for road safety. #CommitToAct is an opportunity for civil society to stand shoulder-to-shoulder to push for the promises that have been made for tangible action to reduce the number of road deaths around the world.