The Solar Charged Jacket

While this is the kind of technology that would normally live and die in an innovation lab, the Solar Charged Jacket by vollebak performs amazingly out on dark roads. It stores sunlight, protects you from rain and headwinds, and glows in the dark. The logic behind the jacket is really simple: the longer you charge it, and the brighter the source you charge it with, the more energy it will absorb and the longer and brighter it will glow. The glow is at its brightest immediately after it has been charged but can remain for up to 12 hours.


Even if we we are coming out from the dark season, approaching summer. It's  still important that one wears reflectors and reflective clothes during the dark hours, even if you live or work in the big city. More accidents take place in urban than rural areas. Rain and fog reduce drivers' ability to see, especially in the dark. The car’s windows may be fogged up. Also, dirty windshields or headlights have an adverse effect on visibility.

KNPO recommend you to wear reflective gear, and this very cool and hi-tech jacket could probably save many joggers and cyclists during their evening training.