A new tool for traffic safety

The Dutch National Police and Dutch Association of Insurers have created an innovative cooperation under the name STAR (Smart Traffic Accident Reporting). Aimed to create an efficient accident reporting for reliable accident analyses to obtain a more comprehensive impression of the situation.

Traffic accident registration in the Netherlands suffers from major under-registration. A lack of good accident data threatens the successful Dutch approach to traffic safety. Policy monitoring, analyses and evaluations will be less possible even though new technologies can actually achieve improvements. The societal importance of improving accident registration in the short term is huge. The three initiators have organised widespread societal support by making relevant traffic safety partners stakeholders in STAR.


The MobileDamageReporting app was renewed by insurers as part of the STAR project. Various modifications have been made to be able to report accidents between all manner of traffic participants. Even self-caused accidents by vehicles that have no license plates such as cyclists can now be reported. It is also currently possible to report accidents that involved injuries.


User-friendliness has remained central, as simple reporting increases use. For instance the app now uses GPS to determine location. The license plate allows the app to collect vehicle and insurance data automatically as entering the postcode and house number suffices to ascertain the address details of the people involved

STAR will enable the police to introduce more effective traffic control at the relevant locations. Insurers view MobileDamageReporting as a customer-friendly, efficient replacement for the European damage claim form. Insurers have a huge interest in limiting injury and damage.

Road managers will gain improved insight into infrastructure safety as well as very relevant information on accident causes. This makes preventative measures much more efficient to apply and substantiate.

With the introduction of ReportCharacteristicsPlus form, the police took their first big step
towards improving registrations. With over 80,000 registrations annually, this has provided
much better insight into traffic situations. The registrations are stored centrally and can be
viewed using VIA Signal. These reports are constantly updated.