Honolulu Bans Crossing the Street While Texting

Pedestrians listening to music, texting, talking or otherwise absorbed in their phones are making themselves more vulnerable by tuning out traffic around them, experts say.Honolulu, USA has banned pedestrians from using electronic devices while crossing roads or highways.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed the bill this week, but it doesn’t take effect until October 25th. Offenders who can’t resist putting their lives in danger to send a text could be fined up to $35 the first time they’re caught, $75 for a second violation in the same year and up to $99 if caught a third time.



Honolulu isn’t the first city to impose legal measures to help keep pedestrians and drivers safe from digital distractions, and it likely won’t be the last, New Jersey banned texting and crossing the street in 2012.

All around the world cities work on safer environment for pedestrians,  a city in Germany installed traffic lights on the ground to try and get texters to look up, Chongqing, China, has a cellphone lane to keep people with their heads bent downwards away from other pedestrians. 

The dangers of distracted driving are well known and have sparked new laws, but safety experts are increasingly concerned about a more recent trend: distracted walking.