Around 70% of fatal pedestrian accidents happen in darkness.

We are entering the dark times, approaching winter. It's important that one wears reflectors and reflective clothes during this period of the year, even if you live or work in the big city.

More accidents take place in urban than rural areas. Rain and fog reduce drivers' ability to see, especially in the dark. The car’s windows may be fogged up. Also, dirty windshields or headlights have an adverse effect on visibility.

Do a test and press here to find out how well drivers can see you in the dark.

We are redirecting you the Finnish Road Safety Council, who made this excellent animation.

How does a pedestrian reflector work?

A reflector reflects light back to its source. The light beam from an approaching car hits the reflector and that light is reflected back towards the car making the reflector visible to a driver. Drivers can see you sooner and have longer to react. Therefore it's important that your reflector is visible.