KNPO campaign continues with collaboration from the fashion industry

Swedish jewelry brand SEVEN/EAST has extended their collaboration with Kids Non-Profit Organization by designing yet another special edition bracelet to improve child safety on roads.

Kids Non-Profit Organization (KNPO) and SEVEN/EAST have today announced the launch of a new bracelet that will generate funds to support the KNPO Bead Initiative. Traffic accidents kill more than 500 under the age of 25 every day. Most of these accidents occur during the evening or dark hours, and KNPO is on a mission to change these statistics. They distribute reflective beads and bracelets to children in developing countries to ensure kids can be seen five times further away at night by headlights.

For every Shine Bright bracelet sold, SEVEN/EAST will donate two reflective bracelets to KNPO. The KNPO Bead Initiative is an educational program which helps keep children safe on the roads, teaching in schools and community hubs about road safety through creative play and education. 

For every child below 15 years killed in traffic, another 4 children will be permanently disabled. 90% of these deaths and injuries occur in developing countries where road lighting is typically poor or non-existent. The new bracelets will have an immediate impact and provide extra support for KNPO’s ongoing projects.

SEVEN/EAST is a business built on ethical principles and a desire to do good through beautiful design;

As a company we want our jewellery to have a positive impact. KNPO is tackling a big global issue using jewellery in a creative way. We believe that the work of KNPO needs to be amplified. It is a tragedy that children are being killed and injured every day simply because they cannot be seen on the roads at night. We are proud to be using our business to make a difference. And we know our customers will be proud to make a difference too.
— Lena Westerdahl, Founder, SEVEN/EAST

By distributing biodegradable reflective beads KNPO ensures that children are seen from a distance, lessening the risk of injury. Their approach to safety education means that children learn about road safety at the same time as creating pieces of jewelry that they’ll want to wear and that will make them seen. SEVEN/EAST hope to sell enough Shine Bright reflective bracelets through their online shop and retail concessions to be able to donate 4,000 bracelets to developing countries in the next 12 months, as well as raising awareness of the problem:

Every 4 minutes a child is prematurely lost on the roads of this world. Many more are injured. SEVEN/EAST’s support of The Bead Initiative means that awareness of this global issue will be heightened amongst their customers. And with awareness comes action. Together we have the power and the creative ideas to make a real difference.
— Richard Ahlstrom, Founder KNPO