More than 500 children and young adults are killed in road accidents every day. We need to be more careful with our children, traveling within a vehicle or walking near a road!

This van on the video is stopped at a traffic light when the kid tumbles out. The stressed child tries her best to waddle after the vehicle, but the van quickly accelerates leaving him in the dust. The toddler is then left to wander around the busy road.

This incredible incident actually did happen last week on a highway near Wujiang, Jiangsu province in China. Fortunately, the passenger in the car behind got out saving the kid from getting hurt by other cars. As you can see no one stop their cars, everybody just kept on driving!!!

Infants and toddlers are best protected by sitting rear-facing in a car attached to child seats. And, should stay that way as long as possible, until reaching the upper limits of their child restraint or at least until they are two-years-old.

In emerging economies parents are neglecting the safety of their children due to lack of knowledge and extreme economic expectations. Hopefully can we change this with your support! Education is the best solutions for both children and their parents.