Millions of SIM cards could light up the WORLD'S Roads.

How can we reach out to 50% of the world's population by using existing production and distribution channels?

By transforming millions of physical SIM cards into safety reflectors!

The concept is simple – instead of just disposing of the credit card sized plastic when the small SIM card portion has been removed, KNPO proposes to use the card as an easy to use and efficient reflector to be used for increasing road safety, especially in developing countries. By using safety reflectors while walking or jogging in the evening, drivers will be able to see pedestrians on the road at five times the distance compared to without, giving drivers crucial time to stop or swerve.

Half of the world’s population has a mobile subscription - today Telcos are distributing millions of SIM cards. Vehicles and M2M generate twice as many SIM cards than cellular subscribers.

The difference in the production cost of making SIM cards reflective is barely measurable. Almost 70% of SIM card production is made by five vendors -  with the top ten Telecom operators,  KNPO will reach 3 billion subscribers.

By using existing SIM cards we recycle plastic into safety reflectors, saving lives
— Richard Ahlström

Therefore will KNPO be going to the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, promoting our SIM initiative, a bright idea among mobile leaders, Telcos and SIM card producers.