The traffic kills in many ways

Each day, more than five billion of us worldwide are involved in traffic.  Many are children. More than 500 children and young adults under the age of 25 are killed in road accidents every day. 

Air pollution is also a global public health crisis that threatens our bodies and our planet. Air pollution is the single greatest environmental health risk we face accounting for nearly 7 million deaths annually. Many are children going to school every morning and evening.

Kids Non-Profit Organization is dedicated to reduce the number of deaths and injuries in traffic through education using smart, effective actions in collaboration with partners. Our focus is on the most vulnerable people on the roads - children. KNPO solutions are global, simple, effective, environmentally sustainable and non-disruptive.

Here are two short films showing the two major dangers children are confronting going to School. Please feel free to share this films; there are still 500 children who die every day due to a lack of road safety education and poor light conditions. Together we can change that!

Save Kids Lives - A film by Luc Besson

WHO: BreatheLife – The Walk Home