Despite progress, road traffic deaths remain too high

World Health Organization released its Global status report on road safety 2015, end of last year.

The WHO report highlights that road users around the world are unequally protected.  The  risk of dying in a road traffic crash still depends, in great part, on where people live  and how they move around. A big gap still separates high-income countries from low- and middle- income ones where 90% of road traffic deaths occur in spite of having just 54% of the world's vehicles. Europe, in particular the region's wealthier countries, has the lowest death rates per capita; Africa the highest.

The Global status report on road safety 2015 comprises a narrative text combining evidence, facts and best practices with conclusions drawn following the analysis of the data collected for 180 countries. 

Kids Non-Profit Organization have initiated a new approach on how to collect such data, and is discussion on how to implement its new method. based on an App connected to a cloud-based server-solution, hundreds of NGOs could collect; more, faster and more accurate data.

Death on the road interactive map

Death on the road interactive map