U.S. government source indicates that today thousands of terrorists are going to hijack our highways and streets in the US with the intent of killing as many innocent people as possible.

What we know:

At least 9 Americans have been targeted and will be killed today. Another 1,100 have been targeted to sustain injuries.

The plan to be carried out will maintain this pace of killing and injury infliction every day for the next year. You and/or one of your loved ones may be on the list of those targeted.

The terrorists will intentionally kill innocent children, women and men. They are completely absent of any compassion.

Not all the terrorists will be successful in completing their missions, but they are no less terrorists. Some will die in their attempts.

How the plan will be carried out:

The plot unveiled today is that thousands of terrorists in the US plan to use cars, weighing nearly two tons each, to take innocent lives and inflict serious injuries. They will take cars onto highways and city streets and intentionally crash into oncoming traffic, unsuspecting pedestrians, children playing, babies in strollers, the elderly, mothers and fathers, and many teenagers.

In today’s attacks, U.S. government sources say the terrorists will succeed in killing 9 innocent Americans and will injure more than 1,100. The most terrifying news is that they plan to do the same thing tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, until they succeed in killing at least 3,000 innocent Americans in the coming year and succeed in injuring more than 42,000 others.

What can be done?

Stop being a terrorist. Stop using your cell phone instead of driving. If you are texting, you are not driving. If you are behind the wheel and you choose to stop driving and start texting – unless you have pulled over, completely out of traffic – you are intentionally and deliberately deciding to be a terrorist, putting innocent lives at risk of death and injury.

You may kill yourself in your attempt to take the lives of others by using your mobile device instead of driving. You may be a suicide terrorist and kill yourself in the act of taking the lives of others. You may take the lives of others but survive. Or you may fail in your attempt to kill or injure others today, when you use your mobile instead of driving, but if you text instead of driving, you are still a terrorist, intentionally engaging your two-ton vehicle as a killing machine.

Understand that the foolish agenda of these terrorists is just to send a text message. A message that can wait. A message that is not worth a life. Yours or anyone else’s.

The statistics above are from the Centers for Disease Control (http://www.cdc.gov/motorvehiclesafety/). These particular statistics apply only to distracted driving. The number of deaths and injuries from other deliberate and deadly behaviors including drunk driving, speeding, etc. are not included. In the U.S. alone, more than 100 people are killed every day in traffic crashes and more than 7,000 are injured – every day. Worldwide more than 1.2 million people are killed in traffic crashes each year – including 500 children every day – and tens of millions more people are injured.

Renounce terrorist ways. Don’t stop driving to text. #Justdrive

This excellent article was written by Shane O'Connor, Communications Advisor FedEx Services. He is an good friend and a amazing evangelist for road safety.