Back from Brasilia and a busy week at the Second Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety, hosted by the Government of Brazil and supported by the WHO.

It was a great conference for KNPO, networking on the highest possible level with government executives, WHO and UN. Bringing together 2,200 participants from 136 countries, including representatives from over 120 NGOs and FIA member clubs, the conference had among its objectives to evaluate the progress of initiatives to reduce road traffic deaths and injuries worldwide through the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.

For the second time in history, government ministers and their partners in key decision-making roles from nearly every country of the world got together to signed the Brasilia Declaration that innovates by emphasizing sustainable transport. The document presents the commitment of UN Member Countries with the protection to vulnerable populations and reasserts the target of reducing deaths.

KNPO as one of the hundreds NGOs present, will continue to work with Road Safety focusing on pedestrians, especially the young ones. The Brasilia Declaration is leveraging our work and gives KNPO better tools to succeed.