A road safety ad that hijacks cinema visitors' mobile phones

See this effective but shocking road safety advertisement that hijacks cinema visitors' mobile phones to show exactly how disruptive a text message can be when you are driving.

The ad, which was shown as a trailer to a feature film at the MCL Cinema in Hong Kong, shows a point-of-view account of a person getting into their car and setting off on a drive.
The movie theater was equipped with a location-based broadcaster that could send a mass text to everyone in the room at once.

According to a study by the U.S. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, texting while driving makes a driver 23x more likely to crash.

According to the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, texting while driving kills 11 teens each day, and 46% of drivers under 18 admit to texting while driving.

KNPO is developing an App for Android smartphones preventing drivers from being disturbed by SMS and other messages (such as email, etc.) while driving. This application enable the Smartphone to automatically answer all incoming messages, while driving with a pre-defined message saying, “I am driving and will get back to you once I have arrived.” The App runs in the background and starts only once the person is driving or cycling.

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