Deadly Easter weekend on the roads

21 people have died while 163 have been injured in accidents since the beginning of this Easter holiday in Zimbabwe.

In Johannesburg, South Africa has Easter weekend got off to a deadly start with several reports of deaths on the roads. 25 people have been killed on South Africa roads. A four-year-old boy was killed in a car accident in Roodepoort, west of Johannesburg on Friday, said paramedics.

Six heavy road accidents were reported on the territory of Bulgaria this Friday, the first day-off of the Easter holiday, due to the intensive road traffic throughout the country.

In Kinungi, Kenya six people including three minors died in yet another tragic road accident in Naivasha along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

On the freeway In Pasadena, CA, USA, did four people died and three others seriously injured.

As many school children will be enjoying the holidays, road users should also keep an eye out for increased numbers of children using or crossing roads, particularly close to schools, parks and leisure amenities, in addition to junctions and bus stops.

Easter holiday road traffic accidents accumulate, as we can read in newspaper around the world. Nearly half of those dying on the world's roads are pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. There are improvements to be made in every country of the world in order to avoid these tragic deaths and injuries.

Let’s start with you, by driving carefully and reducing the speed.