Halloween, Kids, and Car Accidents

Today is Halloween here in the US, and with it brings lots of scary ghosts, beautiful princesses (I’ve noticed Elsa is quite popular this year!) and Superheroes out in the neighborhood Trick-Or Treating! This can be a wonderful time for our children, but lets please keep it that way! Halloween is a scary time because of a much more sobering reason then Zombies.

Car Accidents- Children are four times more likely to be in fatal pedestrian accidents on Halloween than on any other night of the year.  Our kids are out in droves with costumes on that obscure their view, not looking both ways, not lit up, and not really worrying about whether that car is going to stop for them while they rush to the next house to ring the doorbell.

Please, this Halloween, talk to you kids about how to navigate the streets safely, and make sure they are lit up well and are wearing safety reflective gear. 

While you are keeping your kids safe, remember that there are other kids out there that need to be kept safe too; Kids that maybe don’t always have any safety gear, or lights or even sidewalks to use in their neighborhood.

These are the kids that KNPO are working with to make sure that they can use their roads safely. Road Safety is still a huge concern in developing countries, with very little recourses being allocated for lights, walkways, crossing paths or sidewalks.

We at KNPO are working to educate these children on how to stick together as a group, how to cross roads safely, and how to make sure they are seen at night. Our reflective beads make sure that the children wearing them are seen by drivers 5 times further then without. And we want to give these beads to as many children as possible!

Take some time to keep kids safe this year! Check out KNPO.org and donate to save children’s lives.