100 accidents a day with 12 deaths

While the world is busy implementing a ‘Decade of action for road accidents 2011 -2020’ plan, Kerala, India is fast racing towards a dubious distinction of having the most number of road accidents with around 3,000 deaths and over 25,000 suffering injuries in less than 250 days!

According to the data with the State Police, Kerala roads have claimed as many as 2,526 lives and left 24,256 injured in 21,028 accidents between January 1 and July 31 this year. Of these 15,269 were of grievous nature while 8,987 were minor ones. On an average the state witnesses 100 accidents a day with 12 deaths. Post July, two major accidents in Malappuram district alone claimed 22 lives, in a week.

According to WHO data, a total of 88 countries have reduced the number of deaths on their roads. Globally, the number of road traffic deaths each year remains “unacceptably high” at 1.24 million with another 20 to 50 million sustaining nonfatal injuries.