Road accidents claim 1,469 lives in 9 months

Road accidents had killed at least 1,469 people in Cambodia in the first nine months of the year, down 1 percent from the 1,483 deaths over the same period last year, according to an official report on Tuesday.

During the January-September period this year, there had been 3, 243 road accidents happened, down 1 percent from the 3,279 cases over the same period last year, said the report of the Ministry of Public Work and Transport.

Preap Chan Vibol, director of the Ministry's Transport Department, said that about 50 percent of the accidents were caused by over-the-speed limit driving, 13 percent by alcohol driving, and the rest by neglect driving and law violation.

"I'd like to urge all drivers to pay high attention while driving so that their own safety and others' safety will be ensured," he said.

The death toll of road accidents is still the number 1 killer in Cambodia.

Last year, traffic accidents killed 1,894 people, according to the Ministry's report. The country lost about $300 million a year due to the accidents.