BLINK Features Overview

Kids Non-Profit Organization developed an app for smartphones that uses the flash and screen of the smartphone to emit a flashing light on one or both sides of the phone, as a beacon in the dark. This is the instructions and help page for KNPO's BLINK App for iOS and Android.

Remember to be cautious at dawn or twilight, as drivers still have limited visibility or may even have the setting or rising sun directly in their eyes. Walk on the side of the road opposing traffic when there is no separate sidewalk. This way you will see the cars approaching you.

This App doesn't in any way replace proper reflective gear while you walk on a road in dark conditions. You should never take for granted that drivers see you, but always step aside when you see a vehicle approaching you, since you do not know if the drivers saw you.


The App

Once you downloaded the app and started it, you simply start the lamp or screen of your smartphone by tapping on one or both. Selecting as following:

  • Only the screen is blinking.
  • Only the flash is blinking.
  • Both the screen and flash is blinking.

The blinking will start as soon as you start walking, sensing your movement.


Start the App

The sequence of light is not disturbing, nor drains the batteries more than any other smartphone application.

If you use a smartphone jogging holder or armband. We recommend you to only use the lamp as the safety beacon. Since its light is the strongest and seen at a longer distance than the screen. Don't forget to store your smartphone in a way that the blinking lamp has a free vision.


Light settings

By tapping on the upper right corner you will have access to the light and frequency settings.

Each device; lamp or screen of the smartphone can be regulated in two ways:

  • The time when the screen is lit.
  • The time when the screen is turned off
  • The time when the light is on
  • The time when the lamp is turned off

We recommend you to have all settings as shown on the screen dump here beside. This will give the most frequent flashing and most visibility according to our experiences. You leave the settings by clicking on the screen